How Do I Know Which Plant Pot Is Suitable For My Plant?

How Do I Know Which Plant Pot Is Suitable For My Plant?


People these days want to decorate their house to an extent that they look pretty and resendable Infront of others, the parts of home that catch most of the yes are the porch, the backyard or the garden.

Now it depends on people to people how they want to set their house, the garden plays an important role in setting an impression of the house presentation which is why people try to make sure that the garden is set, plants are there, plant ceramic pots are available.

How do I know which plant pot is suitable for my plant?

First of all, be sure of the budget that you have followed by the measurements that you must be aware of. How big of a plant you have, according to its size the ceramic pot will be bought. For example, we are in need of an extra-large pots, we can easily get t made on an order to get it online through websites. It be delivered in time but obviously cost more.

How do I decorate extra-large pots?

Since extra large pots are spacious, It should have holes underneath them. So that the oxygen and the carbon di oxide can be exchanged not only this, but holes are present there for the drainage of excess water this is given. Since the plant is spacious, you can attach fairy lights on them to give a Christmassy look, followed by the painting and the crafting that you can do on the ceramic pot

Should we put rocks under the pot

Yes, this is said many years ago to keep a layer of rocks under the plant to give it a hard base. That will avoid the soil to take all the space and making it suffocating for the plant to live in it

How to take care of the plant

Maintenance isn’t as easy as planting a plant. You need to make sure that they are located at the right place with the right proportion of shade and sunlight, moreover, the water and the fertilisers that are needed to feed the plant.

Get a skilled gardener

Making sure that someone that is skilled is hired, someone who has enough knowledge about taking care of the plants and how to maintain the pots, or keeping them clean. Whether or not should we shift the plants when they turn out to be bigger than the pot. You might destroy the plant if you try to locate it yourself, thus let the skilled person do it.

My plants are huge, can I get the pot made myself 

Yes, the pottery is done on customisation you. You can always present the design that you want for your pot, or the size. The prices vary, but the rest will be done by the potter himself or herself.

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