Quality Holiday Accommodation

Quality Holiday Accommodation

Often times we want to get away from the Hustle and bustle of a city and spend some time with nature. This is not only possible if you have a really largest state with abundant forest growing in your backyard but is also possible by renting accommodation facility at Nicholson River holiday park.

Nicholson river holiday park is a quality holiday accommodation facility which has many perks for its residents. It is a dog friendly accommodation from Lakes Entrance which has many products such as having free barbecue facilities, high speed Wi-Fi to ensure that you stay connected even though you are in the wilderness former bike rental facilities which will allow you to have a peaceful bike ride along the Nicholson river and even indoor gaming and pool facilities which can allow you to spend some quality time with your friends and family while being close to nature.

We offer competitive rates to all our customers which are divided into peak and off-peak rates. This gives us the chance to be more optimised in our business model while providing you with the cheapest rates possible to ensure that your holiday does not need to break your bank. In addition to this, you can always be certain that you are going to be staying in a secure facility which has security measures in place to ensure that you and your belongings remain safe at all times. We are extremely close to the Nicholson river which allows you to have full access to the river at all times and maybe enjoy fishing trip to the river. This means that you can have fresh fish got from the river and then you can probably barbeque it using our free barbecue facilities.

Dog Friendly Accommodation

With our dog friendly service, you can be certain that we will not have any problems with your four-legged friend joining you in your time of solace. This means, that the family can have extra fun by playing with dogs in an open, natural setting. This can be also extremely beneficial for the dog as they can have an open space to stretch their legs and explore the outdoors. We have no problems with dogs staying with you during your stay at the Nicholson River holiday park which is unlike many other holiday accommodation services. This means that your four-legged friend is always by your side and that they do not have to be left at home with a stranger to be taken care of. They’ll always be near you and you can have the peace of mind that they are not being taken care of by a stranger who may not take care of them well.

All in all, if you are looking for a quality holiday accommodation service which is close to nature and has all the modern amenities then you need look no further than Nicholson river holiday park. with competitive rates and high-quality service, you can be certain that your holiday accommodation will be one that you are thoroughly satisfied with! Check this link https://nicholsonriver.com.au/ to find out more details.

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