civil estimating software

Bright Box is the leading industry that is offering its innovative, advanced, and competitive software in the UK, USA, and Australia. A software name as Mud Shark is used for estimation and calculations during construction projects. It was developed and used in Australia for groundwork projects and as a civil estimating software. It is designed for the calculations, build-in intelligence services. This software is easy to operate and helps you a lot. Our software is soaking up the world of construction as they are designed to meet and greet the needs and demands of the modern era.

Prime Perks

This Mud Shark civil estimating software is designed in a way that is easy to operate. You need not learn in a hard and fast way. This software is easy and not a curvy road. Its steep learning curve to help you get done your projects quicker and inputting the best contours and boundaries. This civil estimating software will be at your fingertips. Simple to excavate, calculate, fill, and do the work of underground pipelines immediately. It quickly spread and retain the problem quickly. After spotting the issue, you can start working on them immediately. This estimation software is designed to give a boost to the estimation in the construction industry.


We have a team of experts that knows the innovative way of designing that civil estimating software that will bring revolution into your construction industry. Filling the details and viewing your site is easy but now through a modern and advanced way, you can view it in 4D. This software eases your work and offers you a chance of looking at your projects differently. Our team is competitive and ready to help you. With the legacy of year, experience, and taking pride in offering affordable solutions, we stand out best. This civil estimation software is easy to use and economical.


You can contact the team at any time. We are happy to help you. As every aspect is revolutionized thus why not the construction industry. We are striving to offer you the modern, advanced, and high-tech solutions that will meet the need for setbacks. This will make the journey of civil software estimation use easy. This software is basic and easy to operate.



You can enter the data or enjoy the perks by yourself. Our team is here to teach you how to use this software. Well, this is easy to operate and best for all of your setbacks.

Bright Box is offering its services in the USA, UK, AUSTRALIA, and known globally as well. We have devised many economical and affordable solutions. You can contact us and talk about your peculiar issues anytime. We will be pleased to entertain you.

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